Conditioning for athletes

Training program designed for performance improvement in a particular sports discipline. This program is individualized to the needs of an athlete and his or her sport. It is suitable for both professional and amateur athletes.

Program goal is to increase endurance, speed, power, strength and coordination. Before the beginning of conditioning training it is suitable to undergo laboratory-based sport testing to determine your current endurance, speed and power capabilities. Undergoing these tests will allow developing a more precise conditioning plan and to better compare your conditioning before and after you started training.


On the video below you can see demonstration of my conditioning training with Martin Kolman who is 2 nd best water skier in the world.

Training prices

— Prices do not include court rental
— When buying package of 10x training sessions you need to train at least 2x times a week
— Prices do not include admission to fitness

1x session (60 min.)
1 person/500 CZK
2 persons/600 CZK
10x sessions
1 person/4000 CZK
2 person/5000 CZK


Tennis trainings

Tennis club Cibulka (V Strani 11, Prague 5)
Tennis club TJ Banka Prague (U Klikovky 10, Prague 5)
Sports club Hradcany (Dlabačov 1,Prague 1)

Fitness and conditioning trainings

Sports club Hradcany (Dlabačov 1,Prague 1)
Private gym (Na Radosti 109/28, Prague 5)

phone-icon+420 777 16 19 86


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